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Our Mission

The mission of Avon Grove Lacrosse (AGL) is to promote and develop the sport of lacrosse for members of the Avon Grove Community, to develop each lacrosse player to the maximum of his or her ability and goals, and to foster a spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship with players, coaches and parents/guardians.  AGL is committed to lacrosse excellence and sportsmanship and strives to be a premier lacrosse club in Eastern Pennsylvania.

All Ages and All Skills

Our program is available for players ages 5 to 14 of any skill level. We have new players starting in every age group every year.

Development, Not Winning

We build better athletes, students, and people through healthy competition - not winning at all costs.

Training for a Lifetime

As a USA Lacrosse organization, we follow the Lacrosse Athlete Development model, designed to build a lifetime of involvement in the sport.

Lacrosse for the community

We are an organization run by the Avon Grove community for the Avon Grove community.  We are here because we love the sport and want to see it thrive.

Age Divisions


Pre-K / K

This level introduces our youngest players to lacrosse and builds a foundation of skills in a fun, lesson-based environment.


1st / 2nd Grade

This is our first level where players are wearing full pads and helmets and are introduced to half-field play against other teams.  The focus is on building the movements ABCs - agility, balance, coordination, and speed - in conjunction with basic lacrosse skills.


3rd / 4th Grade

This program starts the "golden age" of learning where players begin to rapidly gain physical skills and better understanding of the game.  Half-sided field play is continued at this age to maximize play-time to help players continue to build their skills.


5th / 6th Grade

At this level the game will begin to resemble the game seen in high school, college, and the pros. Players will now play on full-sized fields and position specialization will begin to occur, specifically for defense and goalies.  Full-field team concepts and strategies are introduced while players begin to build their individual skill set.


7th / 8th Grade

The final level of our youth program where we prepare players to move on to high school and/or club play.  At this point the game has all the speed and physicality of high school lacrosse, competition is high, and focus and dedication to the sport becomes critical to continued success.

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