Reflecting on a Lost Season

Oct 12, 2020

Coming into 2020 our hopes were high.  As an organization we made a significant number of changes in the off season, including rolling out a new website, moving to a new team management system, and debuting a whole new social media presence.  We had planned on a year where we would showcase our program and…

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Jono Enterprise Brings the Shoot n Scoop to Avon Grove Lacrosse

Feb 21, 2020

West Grove, PA (February 21, 2020) – Avon Grove Lacrosse (AGL) announced today that Jono Enterprises, LLC, producers of the Shoot n Scoop, will be a premier sponsor of the AGL 2020 season. As part of this sponsorship, Jono Enterprises, LLC provided AGL with several Shoot n Scoops to be used during the 2020 season…

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Smart Sports Tek brings the Smart Backstop to Avon Grove Lacrosse

Feb 14, 2020

West Grove, PA (February 14, 2020) – Avon Grove Lacrosse (AGL) announced today that Smart Sports Tek (SST), the manufacturer of the groundbreaking lacrosse training tool the Smart Backstop, will be a premier sponsor of the AGL 2020 season. As part of this sponsorship, SST has provided AGL with several of its Smart Backstop products…

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Support Avon Grove Lacrosse with Amazon Smile

Feb 14, 2020

Avon Grove Lacrosse is excited to announce that supporting AGL is now simpler than ever!  We are now part of the Amazon Smile program, and if you select AGL as your charity of choice we will receive a donation every time you shop on Amazon.  We know you’re going to be shopping on Amazon anyway,…

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Safety Primer: NOCSAE Standards and Equipment

Feb 8, 2020

We’ve all seen it before. When you buy new equipment or balls in the description you’ll see the words NOCSAE Certified.  However, have you ever stopped to ask, what exactly is NOCSAE and why does it matter?  Well, we’re all going to be thinking more about NOCSAE going into the 2021 and 2022 seasons.  That…

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Why do we put our kids in youth sports?

Oct 12, 2019

The other night I found myself scrolling through LinkedIn, and I came across a great post from the Director of the Premier Lacrosse League Academy, Mick Davis.  In his article titled “College Lacrosse: Recruiting by the Numbers,” Mick detailed how 7 out of 8 high school lacrosse players will not go on to play lacrosse…

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New Season, New Look for Avon Grove Lacrosse

Sep 19, 2019

As we closed out the 2019 Avon Grove Lacrosse season and started planning for 2020, we took a hard look at what worked well and what didn’t.  One area where we received a lot of feedback was regarding communication.  There are a lot of things we must communicate during the season such as schedule changes,…

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