Our Team

Board of Directors

Board Positions

President - Justin Sabol

Treasurer - Bryan Inagaki

Secretary - Kristen Lucovich


Rick Firth, Keith Jacoby, Mike McGinn

Areas of Responsibility

Our community volunteers help manage a variety of tasks during the season as well as in the off-season.  

Curriculum Coordinator

Keith Jacoby

Schedule Coordinator

Keith Jacoby

Facilities Coordinator

Mike McGinn

Player Development


Registration Coordinator

Bryan Inagaki

Online Content / Social Media

Bryan Inagaki

High School Representative

Mike McGinn

CCLA Representatives

Keith Jacoby and Mike McGinn

Community Coordinator

Anita Eastin

Want to get involved?

As a community organization we are dependent on volunteers to keep us moving forward year after year.  We are always looking for parents and community members to get involved, so if you are interested, let us know!

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