While there are many skills a lacrosse player needs to be successful, your stick skills are by far the most important.  It doesn’t matter how strong or fast you are if you can’t throw or catch.  Building those skills requires many, many repetitions – far more than you will get in practice.  If you want to get better, then you need more reps, and the best way to do that is to hit the wall (or a rebounder).

Because these foundational skills are so important, we have created a new challenge for you that, if you progress through the levels, is guaranteed to make you a much better lacrosse player.

The Challenge consists of a series of levels that include a skill or set of skills that must be completed within a certain time.  Each time you complete a level, you will receive a helmet decal to show off your accomplishment!  In all there are 16 levels to complete and decals to earn.  Be warned!  The challenges may be simple, but they are far from easy!

The Rules

The rules for The Challenge are simple:

  1. Levels must be completed in order.
  2. Players must wear gloves.
  3. Players can drop or miss the ball and still complete a level.  The only requirement is to complete the number of repetitions in the time frame given.
  4. Players can complete all the levels for a tier by successfully demonstrating the final level, which requires completing all skills and repetitions from that tier in under 6 minutes.
  5. Players can demonstrate successful completion of a level by submitting a video to Coach Curt McCray (curt.mccray@avongrovelacrosse.org). Videos must be continuous with no cuts or edits, and the player must be seen in full view at all times.  Coach Curt has the final say on counting repetitions, so if you are unsure if a rep is valid, do another!

Learn more at agl.ax/wallball and start earning those decals today!