AGL discount code In our continual effort to strive for the highest level of player safety possible, Avon Grove Lacrosse is excited to announce a partnership with Tektor – the maker of the Tektor Shield.  The Tektor Shield is a flexible, anti-fog shield that mounts securely on the inside of a player’s helmet, and eliminates many of the issues players face while wearing cloth face masks while playing.

The Tektor Shield covers the mouth and nose area and has a permanent, anti-fog coating on both sides.  Additionally, the unique design of the shield leaves the area in front of the eyes open, reducing the chances the shield will obstruct the player’s view.

As part of this partnership, Tektor is offering a 20% discount on their 3-pack of shields, for a cost of $16.00 per pack.  Players are required to wear face masks or helmet-mounted shields this season, and this is a great option for players during the 2020 season.  Go to to order your shields today.

NOTE: You must enter your brand, model, and size of helmet in the “Add a note to your order” area at checkout to ensure you receive the correct shield.