According to Parents Heart Watch, sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), is the number one cause of death for student athletes and the number two medical cause of death among youth under age 25. These deaths are devastating to the families and their communities, and we want to do our part to prevent these deaths.

As part of our 2021 season, Avon Grove Lacrosse has established a new program called Start the Heart. Our goal for the program is two-fold. First, we want to purchase automated external defibrillator devices (AEDs) for our organization to ensure we have one of these life saving devices on every field when our athletes are playing. Second, we want to provide annual training for our coaches so they are proficient in necessary life-saving skills including CPR and AED use.

A Story Close to Home

In July 2020, Brendan Avvento, a youth lacrosse player in Pennsylvania, collapsed suddenly during practice. Several AGL families were at the same field, and one of our parents responded immediately and began administering CPR. During the response an AED was also brought to aid Brendan. Thanks to the quick response, administration of CPR, and use of the AED, Brendan survived what could have been a fatal event.

A Risk Not Worth Taking

While the risk of sudden cardiac arrest is statistically very small, the impact it can have, especially if we are not prepared to respond to the situation, is immeasurable. As an organization we want to do everything in our power to protect our players, and we believe an AED on every field is more than just a worthwhile safety investment – it is an absolute necessity.

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Special Thanks

We would like to thank the Avvento family for allowing us to share Brendan’s story. Brendan is a courageous young man, but he still has a tough journey of recovery ahead of him. You can follow Brendan’s recovery and offer your support through the #BStrong Facebook group here.

Thank you for your generous support!

Avon Grove Lacrosse Board of Directors