Jono Enterprise Brings the Shoot n Scoop to Avon Grove Lacrosse

Shoot n Scoop LogoWest Grove, PA (February 21, 2020) – Avon Grove Lacrosse (AGL) announced today that Jono Enterprises, LLC, producers of the Shoot n Scoop, will be a premier sponsor of the AGL 2020 season.

As part of this sponsorship, Jono Enterprises, LLC provided AGL with several Shoot n Scoops to be used during the 2020 season by over 200 youth and high school lacrosse players.  The two brands will collaborate across social media to expand awareness and demonstrate how the Shoot n Scoop is used at the youth level to increase the skills of players through unique and exciting drills and games.

“The Shoot n Scoop is one of those training tools that makes a coach’s imagination run wild,” said Bryan Inagaki, Board Member of AGL.  “You immediately see how it can be used in place of a large goal with your youngest players, but at the same time the Shoot n Scoop can handle shots from older players.  The games and drills you can create instantly make you think about playing backyard games with your friends, and for many of us that is how we grew up playing lacrosse.”

The Shoot n Scoop enables lacrosse players of all levels to better develop and hone essential lacrosse skills, namely, shooting, passing, and scooping.

Ideal for youth organizations, camps, and backyard play, a player cradles towards the Shoot n Scoop and either places or shoots the ball into the net, whereby it falls into the bucket and out through the exit hole providing a ground ball to be scooped up.

Beyond training, the Shoot n Scoop allows for one-on-one or multi-player lacrosse games on fields and backyards of all sizes, offering a more precise target on which to score a goal.

The Shoot n Scoop is quickly becoming the de facto training tool for youth lacrosse and popping up in backyards throughout the United States and Canada. Shoot n Scoops promote a greater level of player participation through drill station training and small ball games used as goals. Greater participation increases player engagement in learning and playing lacrosse and in a fun way! Our goal at Jono Enterprises, LLC is to help kids learn and improve their lacrosse skills in a highly effective and fun manner. We love that the Shoot n Scoop builds player confidence and helps grow the game.

About Avon Grove Lacrosse

Avon Grove Lacrosse (AGL) is a volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) organization located in Southeastern Pennsylvania that provides programming for approximately 200 athletes each year.  AGL’s mission is to promote the sport of lacrosse, develop players to the maximum of their ability and goals, and foster a spirit of sportsmanship and fellowship. For more information, visit and follow on social media: Instagram (@avongrovelax), Twitter (@avongrovelax), and Facebook (@avongrovelacrosse).