Avon Grove Lacrosse vs WilmingtonAs we closed out the 2019 Avon Grove Lacrosse season and started planning for 2020, we took a hard look at what worked well and what didn’t.  One area where we received a lot of feedback was regarding communication.  There are a lot of things we must communicate during the season such as schedule changes, upcoming events, and even communication between parents.  We recognized that there was quite a bit of room for improvement and after a review of key areas that required attention, we are happy to announce several key changes!


That’s right – AGL is now a TeamSnap organization!  TeamSnap is by far the most popular team management platform out there, and if you have a child playing another sport there is a good chance you are already using the platform.

TeamSnap provides enhanced capabilities in several areas, including a much better mobile app, a much simpler and reliable communication platform for coaches and parents, and, for those parents who may have players on other teams using TeamSnap, a unified experience so you can see all your players’ teams in one place!

We are excited with this transition as it should significantly reduce the communication issues throughout the season.  Prior to the start of the season we will send out more information about the app and how to use it as it will be our primary communication tool during the season for all teams.


As part of the transition to TeamSnap we have also moved to a completely re-designed website!  Unfortunately, the old website platform was not keeping pace with what people expect from a website nowadays, and from an administrative stand point it was a bit of a nightmare to manage.  The new site is much simpler, cleaner, and significantly easier to manage, which means we will be able to make updates more regularly.  The site also includes a lot of great new features, which you can see on special pages like our Hall of Fame.

Updates to the site will also be much more frequent, and we are excited to showcase our players in action across the entire site.  While the primary purpose of the site is to provide information to those interested in joining AGL, it also is a great way to celebrate and recognize all the hard work and dedication of our players, and we are looking forward to being able to showcase them throughout the year.

Social Media

For those that use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you might have noticed a slight uptick in AGL’s social media presence.  Using social media has several benefits, but most importantly it provides us a fun and exciting way to continually engage the AGL community.  Admittedly we are taking many queues from the Premier Lacrosse League as they have dominated the summer with their use of social media, and they have managed to raise the level of awareness and interest in lacrosse this past three months more than anyone has been able to do in the past 30 years.  We want nothing more than to see a lacrosse stick in the hand of every child in the Avon Grove community, so we will be doing our part to keep that interest going all year.

Be sure to follow us on all the major platforms and help us continue to build interest in the sport of lacrosse and AGL!